Safety Comes First

Every member of One Source Energy Services plays a vital role in our companies success and their safety comes first. All of our employees are trained in the most current worksite safety procedures and how to work safely on and around equipment associated in the oil and gas industry. In order to ensure our customers projects are kept on track we keep safety at the top of our list.

Standards Compliant

At One Source we are committed to providing you a team of personnel that are trained and experienced in OSHA, industry standards and safe practices.

We have a .88 EMR


.88 EMR Rating


Ownership Commitment

From our president to our lowest level hands we empower all personnel with “STOP Work Authority”


Regular Safety Meetings

We hold monthly company wide safety meetings
We require tool box safety meetings and JSEA meetings


Safety Standards Training

We train all personnel through PEC
We Provide specialized training for personnel who are required to utilize equipment (Forklift, Fall Protection, Man lift, etc..)


Supervision & Management

We train our leadership and instill a sense of ownership


Monitoring & Reporting

We monitor safety through the use of Incident Reporting and encourage our employees to identify unsafe conditions through the use of Job Safety Assessments or JSAs. This allows them to take the necessary steps to minimize and or eliminating any hazardous conditions.


Safety Inspections

Our management team routinely performs safety inspections to check field conditions to ensure our operation is in compliance with the environmental, health and safety regulations.