• Torque and Test – Hydraulic bolting of BOP, DSA and spool flanges and hydrostatic pressure testing of BOP’s, choke manifolds, mud pumps, standpipe, floor valves, IBOP, etc. Our Torque and Test units arrive as a single combo unit with a 2, 3, or 4 man crew.
  • Accumulator draw down testing
  • API certified test subs and plugs


  • Torque and Test – Pressure test and chart lubricators, coil tubing and workover BOP’s, flow iron, equalize pressure for wireline entry. Intrinsically safe hydraulic wrenching of flanges, BOP’s, lubricators, vessels.
  • Flowback – Frac support, drillouts, san mitigation. Equipment as follows are 2 and 3 inch flow iron, 3″in X 2″ out dual barrel plug catcher, 3″in X 3″ out dual barrel plug catcher, 2″ 5 and 9 valve manifolds, 3″ 5 valve manifolds, sand traps (conventional, cyclonic, spherical), gas busters and safety restraints.


  • Torque and Test – Hydraulic bolting and hydrostatic testing of workover BOP’s, Production trees, vessels, and facility flanges.
  • Flowback and well testing – 2″ and 3″ flow iron, 1440 psi and 720 psi 3 phase separators, sand traps (conventional, cyclonic, spherical), gas busters and safety restraints, Flare stacks (30′-60′)

Support Equipment Rental

  • Light Plants
  • GenSets
  • Safety Restraints

Hydraulic Wrenching

  • Pressure regulated hydraulic PTO pump
  • Intrinsically safe (hydraulic over hydraulic)
  • Fully enclosed ratcheting links

Hydrostatic Testing

  • Dual Manifold/Dual Isolation Testing
  • Multi block manifold testing
  • Customized testing/charting up to 20K

Flowback Services

  • Frac Support
  • Drill-outs
  • Well Testing

What Makes Us the Experts

One Source Energy Services provides PEC trained, experienced and professional personnel in hydraulic torque wrenching, hydrostatic testing, flowback and well testing services. Our test pumps are certified and calibrated annually. We provide the newest technology in our specialized equipment that meets all API and NACE manufacturing standards. One Source’s experienced personnel work with each customer to ensure that we have the correct solution for their unique situation. We understand that testing data must be complete and accurate to maixmize customer production. Our equipment and experienced team members can safely and effectively operate in most environments, including high-risk environments such as high temperature, high pressure, and/or high concentrations of H2S (sour gas).